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Jordan Perez Challenges Simon Harris over Spinraza

Jordan calls out Simon Harris over Spinraza – Challenges him to any game he likes on playstation to get Spinraza available. Winner take all. – Please like and share

Spinraza is a new drug that can maintain and restore people like Jordan who have Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It should help extend his life and might even restore some of the function he’s lost over time.

The drug has just been rejected by the HSE as being too expensive. Jordan isn’t very happy about it and reckons the HSE and government are more interested in bean-counting the cost of helping people like him rather than his value as a person. (He’s not massively happy with the drug company either) He also reckons they are a bunch of pussies too weak to face him so he says he’ll play them online if they are too scared.

Jordan has type 2 but the situation is much more serious for people born with type 1. There life expectancy without this drug is often very low. Help us make Spinraza available for Jordan and everyone like him. Help Jordan save lives and improve lives of people affected.

Watch the video and share.

More about Spinraza here

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Anton Mannering

Anton Mannering is step-father of Jordan Perez, a 10 year old boy with SMA type 2. They live in Co. Clare.

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